WestFest / All Over Westbeth 

Site-specific dance performances throughout and all around Westbeth



Saturday and Sunday May 2-3.


A guided walking tour of site-specific performances all around Westbeth; tours begin at Westbeth Courtyard Entrance at 155 Bank Street. Tours start at 2:00PM and depart every 15 minutes. Last tour departs at 3:30PM.


Emily Craver / The Little Streams

Caitlin Dutton / caitlin+dancers

Sarah Foster / MoveWorks

Catherine Gallant/DANCE

Callie Hatchett Dance 

L.A. Kilpatrick / The Dancing Mathematician

Kiya Schnorr / Daughters

Pia Vinson  

Keeley Walsh / The Lovelies

Sally Gross (Guest)

Carol Mendes & Artists (Guest)

Jelon Vieira/ DanceBrazil (Guest) / CAPOEIRA OPEN CLASS 2PM, RODA 3:30PM

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55 Bethune St, #1118, New York, NY 10014

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