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Program B: Fri & Sun, April 26 & 28 | 7 PM

Shaina and Bryan Baira (2023 Bessie Nominees for Outstanding Breakout Choreographer) are life partners and founders of BAIRA MVMNT PHLOSPHY, a dance-theatre company based between Detroit and NYC. The two have been sharing their work through live performance, immersive-virtual-reality experiences and movement training/pedagogy since 2013. Shaina is a Certified Movement Analyst (LIMS®) and studied religion and philosophy at the All Faiths Seminary International where she began developing MVMNT PHLOSPHY; a synthesis of movement research, spirituality and philosophical inquiry. Bryan is a musician as well as a Licensed Massage Therapist integrating functional science and energy work to create deep healing.

Photo 1: Effy Grey | Photo 2: Tricia Eaton 

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