Program A
Nov 14th - 4PM EST


Dylan Baker

BOiNK! Dance & Film is a New York based modern dance company that explores the infinite possibilities in the world of film and live performance. Founded in 2013, BOiNK! has been seen all around the world notably premiering at the "Dance On Camera" Film Festival at Lincoln Center in New York, premiering two full-length film and dance productions at the The Mark O'Donnell Theater in Brooklyn, and presenting at the “Perth Screen Dance Festival” in Australia.

Photo: Peter Mellekas




Program Notes

Title: Too Many Cooks

Dancers: Dylan Baker, Kate Bishop, Abbey Laufenberg

Tech: Lauren Hafner Addison

Music: Fat Mama by Herbie Hancock

Special Thanks to Louise Benkelman & Janice Laufenberg

IG: @boinkdance


Photo: Brigid Pierce



Daniel Morimoto

Digital Movement Dance finds its roots in the lore of far off worlds and mind-bending adventures. It ensnares audiences and tours different realms. A peek here, a glimpse there - all views within the domain of video games. The company enthralls viewers by using the world-building and story-telling foundation of video games, and transposes them through a new medium - a physical, tangible medium. We will shatter the glass wall that separates “player” and “game”, and instead rope “players” into the heart of matter. Into the world of the unknown. Into the center of the chaos.

Photo: Dylan Baker

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Digital Movement Dance

Program Notes

Title: Press Start to Play

Dancers: Daniel Morimoto

Music: The Underwater Temple and Dance of Swords by Aivi Tran and Steven "Surasshu" Velema. Get Up and Go-urmet! by Jun Ishikawa and Dan MIyakawa.

IG: @DigitalMovementDance

Photo: Jordan Albright



Angie Moon Conte

Angie Moon Dance Theatre is an interdisciplinary, movement based company that strives to find unlikely unions between mediums.

Photo: Benny Krown


Anna Bjella &

Nia Sanders

Here’s T(w)o Collective, co-created by Anna Bjella and Nia Sanders, seeks to understand how our bodies and socialized identities occupy space within our duets. We come together to engage with a combination of improvisatory practices, critical theory, and deep discussion to expand our understanding of what it means to make dance. Our work has been presented at Spitball Series, The Craft NY, 19 Acts of Covid-19 Bravery (online exhibition), and Movement Research Open Performance.

Photo: Noah Lewis



Andrea Ward

Andrea Ward is a contemporary choreographer from NYC. Before Covid-19, Andrea had produced an evening length debut and planned to teach abroad. After her plans were cancelled she moved to London to continue teaching. She’s also a musician, currently recording an EP titled “Planet.” Andrea is interested in innate musicality, raw emotion, theatrics, and filmmaking. Her underwater dance film “World of Forms” has screened in New York, Paris, London, and Sweden. This year she finished a commission with the Columbia Ballet Collaborative at Columbia University. She also presented her work in the NYC Choreographer’s CARNIVAL.

Photo: Mike Esperanza



Chelsea Ainsworth

Jessica Smith

Dual Rivet is a women-led dance company based in NYC. The company creates highly physical work for stage and film with a cinematic and visceral language that influences both platforms. Dual Rivet teaches a myriad of classes with an emphasis on contemporary partnering and floorwork. Led by Jessica Smith and Chelsea Ainsworth, the company aims to exemplify female leadership in the arts.

Photo: Art Davison

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Bo Kyung Lee

Bo Kyung Lee received the 1st Award not only at Korea Contemporary Dance Competition, Presidential Prize at the 7th Nagano International Performance Competition but also at the International Contest for Mature Contemporary Dance Soloist in Mexico City and Dance performance award from Korean critics. She presented at 92Y Dig Dance Series Pan Asian Dance festival and as part of the following festivals: Bergen PAC Korea Dance Awakening, Going Dutch Festival in Chicago, Soak2018, Art all night in DC, Fukuoka Fringe Dance Festival. Seoul International Choreography festival, Monotanz 2019, Water festival in Bulgaria, yeoja: in herself in Seattle and 92Y Harkness dance center in New York etc. Now she is one of the faculty member at Peridance for the certificate program.

Photo: Sarah Gupta



Martha Graham 

The Martha Graham Dance Company has been a world leader in the development of contemporary dance since its founding in 1926. Today, the Company is embracing a new programming vision that showcases masterpieces by Graham alongside newly commissioned works by contemporary artists. During its 90-year history, the Company has received acclaim from audiences and critics in more than 50 countries.


"These men and women easily embody the choreographer’s sense of dancers as angelic athletes,” says Robert Greskovic of The Wall Street Journal, while Marina Kennedy of Broadway World notes, “This is contemporary dance at its very best.” Siobhan Burke of The New York Times asks, “Can this please never go away?”



Angie Moon Dance Theatre


Benny Krown

Program Notes

Title: It holds many forms

Choreography by: Angie Moon Conte 

Performed by:  Xenia Mansour and Angie Moon Conte 

Images by: Benny Krown 

Music: "Stacked (and remixed)"

Composed by: Andrew Noseworthy

Electric Cello and Effects Pedals: India Gailey

IG: @angiemoondancetheatre



Photo: Benny Krown


Here's T(w)o Collective

Program Notes

Title: Notes on the Now 

Dancers: Anna Bjella & Nia Sanders

Music: My Friend the Forest by Nils Frahm

IG: @herestwo.collective



Program Notes

Title: Hinterland

Dancer: Andrea Ward

IG: @andrea__ward


Photo: Noah Lamport



dual rivet

Program Notes


Title: Rabbithole - excerpt


Dancers: Chelsea Ainsworth & Jessica Smith


Music: That's Life - Frank Sinatra 


Music Editor: Jessica Smith


IG: @dualrivet



Photo: Effy Grey



BK dance project

Program Notes

Title: Big Mouth II (snippet)

Dancer: Bo Kyung Lee

Music: Electric vio;in and beatbox : Moonlight Grenade by Jason Yang(Violin) & Jake Moulton(Beatbox)

IG: @bkdanceproject

Photo: Ju-bin Kim (Korea Dance Abroad)

Lorenzo-Anne - Jillian Brinberg.jpg


martha graham 

dance company

Program Notes

Title: The Saraband from DARK MEADOW


Choreography: Martha Graham

Music: Carlos Chavez†


Premiere: January 23, 1946, Plymouth Theatre, New York City


Through the act of dancing forgotten memories emerge. We sense that we have been all things. “I have been ere now a boy and a girl, a brush, a bird, and a dumb fish in the sea.” (Empedocles)

Commissioned by the Elizabeth Sprague Coolidge Foundation in the Library of Congress, Washington, DC.


†La Hija de Colquide used by arrangement with G. Schirmer, Inc., agent for Carlanita Music Company, publisher and copyright owner. Arranged and conducted by Aaron Sherber.

IG: @marthagrahamdance


Photo: Lorenzo Pagano and Anne Souder by Melissa Sherwood