This year's theme "Perspective: True, as told by the storyteller." 



We are looking for outstanding emerging and mid career dance artists with strong artistic vision, high level of artistry and performance quality. Dance makers should be interested in engaging actively in Westbeth's artistic community and in collaborating to the growth of our intimate festival setting. 


In the past...


WESTFEST past artists have included Youn Puluen Project Group (South Korea), David Parker and The Bang Group, My Lindberg (Sweden), Daniel Holt | DIRT, Madboots, Manuel Vignoulle, Claire Porter, The Dash Ensemble, Shannon Gillen / Vim Vigor and Camille Brown among many more. 


Last year, thanks to Westbeth Artistic Cultural Council and its LMCC grant, we were able to surprise ALL of our 18 choreographers (including guests, site-specific, and top floor) with a $100 artistic stipend. We value each artist involved in our festival and we want to help further the field of dance by creating fair and exciting opportunities to dance makers!


Who is the curatorial team?


The curation of WestFest is led by Founder and Artistic Director Carol Nolte, along with Production Manager/Top Floor Curator Amanda Hameline, and site-specific Producer/Curator BOINK! Dance & Film. 




STEP 1 - Pay the $25 application fee via PayPal.


Note that one application fee is required for each application you submit. Choreographers can apply with as many works for Top Floor, and projects for Site Specific as they want. 

PayPal --->


STEP 2 - Complete the application form in reference to the program you want to apply: Top Floor or All over Westbeth


Please include a link to a video sample via online source (such as Youtube or Vimeo). Work Samples must be at least 3 continuous minutes in length and be of the proposed work. Minimal cuts/edits are preferred.

We encourage you to apply with our theme in mind, whatever that may mean to you.

Application DEADLINE is January 15th, 2018


Questions? Email us at