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Sat & Sun April 27 & 28 | 1-3:30 PM
FREE tours begin every 30 minutes starting at 1 PM.
No reservation required!
Westbeth Artists Residence | 55 Bethune St, New York, NY 10014

Moiré is an experimental contemporary dance and music company that seeks a constant state of discovery to ignite profound emotional experiences. Through a creative partnership, choreographers Carlye Eckert and Sam Lore with composers Darren Hoffman and Sarah Neufeld, and a rotation of guest artists, craft atmospheric performances and films through simultaneous creation, deep listening, and sustainable production. Moiré strives to create performances that are hypnotic, arresting, and time-altering within the convergence of immersive sound, light, and technology.


Photo 1: Callie Hale | Photo 2: Darren Hoffman 

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