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Amanda Treiber

Program B: Fri & Sun, April 26 & 28 | 7 PM

Amanda Treiber, former principal dancer with New York Theatre Ballet, has had her choreography performed at Battery Dance Festival, Norte Marr’s Counterpointe10, Kutztown University and New York Theatre Ballet. She is a founding member of The International Collective and a regular collaborator with The Little Orchestra Society. Amanda’s work celebrates collaboration across art forms. She has collaborated with composers Phyllis Chen, Lauren Vandervelden, Chilean bassist Manuel Figueroa-Bolvarán and with visual artist Marcy Rosenblat. Dance Enthusiast said “Witnessing the blending and melding of people and art was an unforgettable experience, one that left a lasting impression on the audience.”

Photo 1: Rebecca Seow | Photo 2: Courtesy of New York Theatre Ballet

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