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Natya Anubhava Theatre

Program A:  Thurs & Sat, April 25 & 27 | 7 PM

Natya Anubhava, a Bharatanatyam theater directed by Maya Rau-Murthy and Nalini Rau, uses the arts to transcend the mundane while addressing both the traditional and the contemporary. In their production, Steps Beyond Silence, Natya Anubhava choreographers Maya Rau-Murthy, Meena Chen and Mrinaalika collaborate with musicians Sindhu Natarajan and Shubha Chandramouli to give voice to the silenced narratives of survivors of gender-based violence.

Maya Rau-Murthy | Choreographer, Director, Music (she/her) |  @mayaraumurthy 

Sindhu Natarajan | Music Director, Vocalist (she/her)

Meena Chen | Choreographer (they/them) | @meenartsy 

Mrinaalika Sivakumar | Choreographer, Animation Producer (she/her) | @mrinaalika

Anugraha Shridhar | Choreographer (she/her) | @natyaswara 

Shubha Chandramouli | Composer | (she/her) | @shubha_chandramagic 

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