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When Paths Cross

Sat & Sun April 27 & 28 | 1-3:30 PM
FREE tours begin every 30 minutes starting at 1 PM.
No reservation required!
Westbeth Artists Residence | 55 Bethune St, New York, NY 10014

When Paths Cross (WPC) is a duo created by Miranda Fern Katz and Ricardo Paz, who share a drive to create performances that express the way they experience the world through movement. Working with questions of human interaction and communication, WPC centers their research on seemingly simple and mundane situations that all people can relate to, telling a deeper and more complex story about the characters as well as the contradictions of the human condition. They use dark humor, surrealism, and an excavation of their subconscious on stage. WPC is a multidisciplinary company, merging contemporary circus, dance, and theater.

@thefernkatz | @ricardopazone | @lvng.dolls

Fern Headshot: Sara Wallach | Ricardo Headshot: Ricardo Paz | Action Shot: Fern Katz

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